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Berkeley Chapel Summer Series: FAQs

Where are you located?
Click here.

What time does the show start?
Metallica has two shows: one at 5:45pm and one at 9:00pm. Spaceballs starts at 7:30pm.

What time are gates open?
At 5:00pm and 8:45pm for Metallica, one hour before Spaceballs.

How will we be able to see the concert if we are watching before it’s dark?
The screen is an LED screen, not projection, so it is much like those used at professional outdoor sports events and can easily be seen in daylight.

Can I buy tickets at the venue?
No. All tickets are sold online prior to the event. Once the show is sold out, it is sold out–there are no onsite or last-minute sales.

Can I bring my large vehicle, camper, bus, limo, etc.?
Sorry, but no.

Is parking limited? Can I park wherever I want?
Parking is designed to allow for one parking space and one open space next to each vehicle. This limits the overall number of vehicles onsite and allows for social distancing–but also provides for a great show for all. Staff will direct you to park you according to vehicle size; large trucks/SUVs will be asked to park in back rows, mid-size in middle rows, and  small/compact in front rows.

Can I leave my car running during the show?
Sorry, but no. Our policy is that cars may be started intermittently to regenerate power, but we request that your vehicle remains off during the show.

Are there restrooms available?
Yes. There will be access to portable standard and ADA restrooms with hand sanitizer in each unit, and they will be cleaned on a frequent schedule during the shows. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines and follow posted signage/guideline markings while in line. ONLY ONE PERSON PER RESTROOM AT A TIME, with exceptions only for parents accompanying children or persons that require assistance.

Is there food available?
Yes. There will be food trucks available onsite, and information to pre-order will be updated 2 days prior to each show. There will be very limited in-person ordering available, and all patrons are required to adhere to social distancing and follow all markings.

Do I have to bring/wear a mask?
Yes. In order to help keep other patrons safe, anyone outside of a vehicle with rolled-up windows and closed doors must wear a mask. Please respect this rule, as it will allow us to continue providing a safe space for everyone. Anyone not observing these guidelines will be asked to leave without refund.

I’m not feeling well. Can I still come to the show?
Please do not. For the safety of everyone, please stay home if you feel unwell and/or are exhibiting any symptoms.

How do I hear the movies/concert?
We broadcast sound through our own FM transmitter. The FM station will be announced via the screen when patrons arrive onsite. You will need to have a working car radio or boom box that is capable of receiving FM frequency. We are working on an inclusion for a smartphone app–stay tuned!

Will smoking be allowed?
Yes, there is a designated area in the back of the parking lot. Please don’t smoke in the general public drive-in area. We will ask you to move to the smoking area out of courtesy to our nonsmoking guests. No cannabis will be allowed. Masks must be worn to and from car. PLEASE PLACE ALL CIGARETTE BUTTS IN THE TRASH.

What is your rain check policy?
We are open rain or shine. If for some reason mother nature should interrupt our showings and we cannot continue due to the safety of our guests, we will address as a case-by-case basis. Otherwise, the screen will be visible in rain. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS.

What if my car battery dies during the movie?
If your battery dies and you are unable to restart your car, please speak with any employee. We have portable battery chargers for your assistance.

We’re coming with a group, can we park next to each other?
We have very limited number of spaces, and we park vehicles according to height.

We’re coming with a group and we didn’t get to park together. Can we go visit them in their spot?
Unfortunately, not until regulations are lifted. Please keep all members of your party within your own parking space, and do not visit other parking spaces. Anyone found leaving their space and moving to other spaces will be asked to leave without refund.

What do we do with our trash?
Although there will be trash receptacles on the premises, for the safety of our staff, we kindly ask that you please bring trash bags and pack your trash out.